Monthly Archives: October 2011

Calgary SEO Meetup - Opensite Explorer Presentation

Last night I presented at the Calgary Online Marketing & SEO Meet-up which was an absolute blast. I was able to share some of my personal tips, tricks and experiences using one of my favorite SEO tools Opensite Explorer (OSE). As a quick resource guide for all of those that made the trek (we even had one person drive in from over an hour away) and for those that weren’t able to make it out, I thought I’d document some of the key points from my presentation...

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SEO Infographic

Working as a professional graphic designer for the last 5 years has lead to some significant benefits within the SEO industry. I’ve never needed to outsource any of my design work especially for larger projects such as SEO infographics or design related conversion optimization. Tonight, however, is a bit of a different story. After watching a really amazing webinar by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz I felt inspired to create something cool using design tools that are available to anyone within the SEO community. Here it is below....

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