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DukaPress is a simple and free WordPress e-commerce system. It is open source. With DukaPress you can quickly and easily set up a fully featured online shop which can be used to sell digital or physical goods to customers all over the world.

The main reason why we chose to build DukaPress instead of using already existing platforms was because no other WordPress based e-commerce tool provides its users with what we feel are essential features of an e-commerce system. With DukaPress, we have made these features both free of charge and simple to use.

E-commerce Features

You can use DukaPress to sell:

  • Tangible regular products
  • Tangible products with selectable options (size, colour, etc)
  • Digital products

E-commerce Modes

  • Regular mode: sell digital and/or physical products just as normal
  • Catalogue mode: just display goods without the option to sell them on your site. Instead viewers are presented with a way to contact the shop owner.

Other Features:

  • Easy to implement ‘related’ products feature to encourage cross-seling and up-selling
  • Supports ‘checkout as guest’
  • One-page checkout
  • Simple inventory tracking
  • Custom product search widget
  • Printable bills/invoices
  • Front end customer login and registration and protected custom client account area

Coupon/Voucher Codes

  • The coupons can be set to be One-time use or multiple use
  • You can manage all your coupons in one place
  • You can have an unlimited number of coupons

DukaPress supports several payment options

  • Paypal
  • Authorize.net
  • Worldpay
  • Alertpay
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash at store
  • Cash on delivery
  • Mobile Phone based payments – MPESA, ZAP & yuCash

Shipping/Delivery options:

  • Free delivery
  • Flat rate delivery
  • Flat Limit (same as flat rate but above a certain amount shipping is free)
  • Weight-based flat rate system
  • Delivery charged ‘Per item’
  • Location-based shipping

Other features:

Order Management features:

  • View details of each order received
  • Manually send emails to customers
  • Print order invoices
  • Change status of each order
  • View simple sales statistics

Upcoming Features
These features are not yet available but we’re working on them (or thinking about them).

  1. Tangible products with price-affecting options (e.g ‘build your own PC’ or ‘buy a three-piece suit’)
  2. Affiliate management system
  3. Supplier management system – whereby third parties can list their goods for sale in your shop and track sales
  4. Customer wishlists
  5. WordPress Multisites support
  6. Improvement of the mobile payment processing to enable any mobile payment system in the world to work
  7. and others…

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