Enjoy Cashback Benefits at WYK Web Solutions

Enjoy Cashback Benefits at WYK Web Solutions

Lyoness Cashback Card Accepted Here

The Lyoness Principle is “Money Back with Every Purchase” connects millions members worldwide to the Lyoness Shopping Community. As a Free Lyoness member you can make purchases at over 150,000 Cashback points from over 40,000 merchants around the world including WYK Web Solutions Calgary. Currently more than 40,000 Loyalty Merchants in 45 countries around the world provide unlimited shopping opportunities, and approximately 5,000 online shops offer a choice of over 170 million products – in 45 countries. Lyoness is currently active in 33 European countries as well as in the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa and in the Asian Pacific region (Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and New Zealand) with more than 4 million Members worldwide.

WYK Web Solutions offers a 15% loyalty member benefit AND 2% Cashback with every web service purchase (Website Design, SEO, Website Hosting)

With only 1 loyalty card you can make purchases across all sectors and benefit from Grocery stores to hairdressers, furniture stores, mechanics, fuel, clothes, restaurants and so much more. Calgary Web Design Lyoness Merchant

Vincent is our lead Calgary web developer racking up over ten years of development experience at WYK Web SEO Solutions Calgary. With over 15 years experience in Online Marketing, SEO and Content Management Systems development (Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal), a proponent of WordPress, Joomla! and Open Source technologies, Vincent spends most working hours pushing Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal to their limits. A highly technical developer, Vincent also has a passion for IT providing a diverse skill set in database management (PHP, and MYSQL), Web hosting, and IT support. In his spare time Vincent enjoys visiting Alberta’s stunning Rocky Mountains and testing the latest high-tech gadgets.