Movember Moustache Madness

Movember Moustache Madness

Happy November… I mean Movember everyone!

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer. As a tribute to this momentous month of manly mayhem and since my upper lip is sprouting prickly, black, cancer-fighting allies, I’ve decided to create an entire blog to the growth, style, people, and design behind moustaches.

As a side note, and before I get into the meat of this blog, I’d like to direct everyone to the donations page for my team The Head HonchMo’s. You can review all of my Movember teammates and make donations directly through the websites. I know this goes without saying but all donations, large or small are greatly appreciated!

Moustache Art

Your great grandfather would be proud

mustache picture

Real men cry moustaches


Psychedelic moustache man


Moustache maddness


Moustache ride

moustache ride

I heart moustaches


Moustache and hat

moustache hat

Moustache Inspired Advertising

Makes them feel all grown up

moustache ad

Smoking causes impotency

moustache ad

It’s the hat

moustache hat

Want muscle? Got Milk?

albert milk moustache

Smoking causes impotency #2

moustache ad

Random Moustache Awesomeness

Download your own moustache! (Click for a larger version)


Moustache Pencils


Moustache Gloves


Moustache Tattoo


Moustache Skateboards


Moustache Sandwich

mustache food

Top 10 Moustaches of All Time

10. Yosemite Sam

yosiemite sam

9. Joe Namath


8. Chuck Norris


7. Salvador Dali


6. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

5. Ron Jeremy


4. Lanny McDonald

lanny macdonald

3. Ned Flanders

ned flanders

2. Burt Reynolds


1. Tom Selleck


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