SEOmoz Come to Calgary Or Else!

SEOmoz Come to Calgary Or Else!

Now I never like to start my blog posts with a threat but like so many other ransom notes I’ve written in the past let me be blunt, “Come to Calgary, or the Mozbot gets it”.

Why Come To Calgary:

This is a little known fact but Toronto is not the only major city in Canada. Infact, Calgary, Alberta is home to one of the largest online marketing communities in the world. Our city of just over 1,000,000 hockey-loving, beer-drinking, cattle-rustling residents is also the home of Critical Mass (one of the largest web development companies in the world), Anduro Marketing (Co-developer of the SEO Browser), Media Dog (probably the most talented web design agency I’ve ever seen), and (my Calgary online marketing company “insert shameless plug here”).

Our city is awash in online marketing meet-ups, social networking breakfasts, and Digital Alberta events, however, the SEO community could use a kick start.

What the SEO MozCation Could Do For Calgary:

  • Build awareness of the importance of professional SEO services.
  • Inspire the SEO community to be more active.
  • Create networking opportunities between companies both large and small.

Fun Reasons To Come To Calgary:

  • Tubbydog – The greatest gourmet hotdogs on the planet (I recommend the A-Bomb).
  • Stay for a week and take in the Calgary Stampede, Yee Haw!
  • BigRock Beer – Once you’ve tried it no other beer will do.

P.S. Roger has a message for you.

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Vincent is our lead Calgary web developer racking up over ten years of development experience at WYK Web SEO Solutions Calgary. With over 15 years experience in Online Marketing, SEO and Content Management Systems development (Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal), a proponent of WordPress, Joomla! and Open Source technologies, Vincent spends most working hours pushing Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal to their limits. A highly technical developer, Vincent also has a passion for IT providing a diverse skill set in database management (PHP, and MYSQL), Web hosting, and IT support. In his spare time Vincent enjoys visiting Alberta’s stunning Rocky Mountains and testing the latest high-tech gadgets.

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