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The SEO industry is as dynamic as it would ever be, with newer and more creative ways to get your business to reach maximum profits! Though difficulties are caused whenever Google updates its algorithms, this certainly does not mean that you should make your SEO strategy any more complex; instead, keeping it simple does it.

We have listed five strategies to simplify your SEO program that would ease you, no matter how many updates are rolled out by Google!

Keyword research to a minimum

Conventional SEO puts heavy emphasis on the use of keywords and keyword research, which requires all web developers to find the competitiveness of the search results on the basis of the query entered. It became a lesser viable approach as Google restricts the amount of keywords data provided to SEO specialists.

A better idea would be to brainstorm all the keywords that you think customers may search or type in more frequently, and then build the content around these phrases and keywords. You could keep track of the stats of the traffic being generated to that content and adjust your content if there is a need accordingly.

SEO Tools for Efficiency.

Use Meta descriptor posts and pages with a usability point of view rather than trying to create an impact that helps in SEO. The more attractive your Meta descriptors are, the more compelled users are to click your sites rather than your competitor’s. This is good for you, both SEO and performance wise. Use SEO tools for encoding rather than encoding the fields for posts and pages yourself. Word Press extensions and All-in-one SEO making and managing software are available for free over the Internet. These tools help you resolve all your SEO processes from a centralized location.

Make Your Own Trending Content

The world of SEO is constantly faced with a single monstrous challenge of backlinking. It is important to get backlinks from all the good websites, but is better if it is done in a natural way. The backlinks do the most for your site’s overall performance, and these are critical for your SEO campaign.

Redirecting your efforts to make your content on a trending style is a better option rather than proactively looking for link sources. For instance, a well created info-graphic content would create many backlinks for itself, without extra effort on your part. Though not every article may achieve the success you seek, but it would still save up a lot of time that is wasted while searching for backlinks.

Responsive Web Designs

Responsive website designs for your desktops and mobile versions come from the same URL, the only difference is that the relative display is altered. It is better than actually making and hosting two different webpages for this purpose. It is equivalent of wasting your resources like money, time, and extra effort that are put in content building and designs, and this would mean running two separate SEO campaigns. The same effort if put into a singular web page with compatible designs would help you put your resources in better use, and save up time and money, helping you get better results on your SEO campaigns.