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Online marketing is an ever evolving beast! Every time I sit down to write a blog post I’m compeled to lead it with “Times, they be a changing”, and as you may have already guessed this post will be no different.

Times They Be A Changin’

Google has just implemented an algorithm update called the “Freshness Update”. The Freshness Update now displays “fresher” search results or more specifically results that have been published within days, hours, or even minutes of you searching them. The search results most effected by the Freshness update are celebrities, tv shows, sports related keywords (ie. football, baseball) and any other niche that caters to information that is frequently updated and published. Although this update did not have the far reaching and in some cases devastating effects of Panda it illustrates the monumental shift that is taking place in the online marketing sphere; specifically in how information is shared and evaluated by the search engines.

The long and short of it… content is king. The idea of content marketing isn’t a new one, however, the idea seems to be gaining traction with the most recent algorithm updates. If you have been sitting on the fence about whether you should be blogging or not I believe the writing is now on the wall.

Recommendations For Staying Fresh

  • Create a blog and update it frequently
  • Incorporate an RSS reader so that fans can stay connected to your blog
  • Build out your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  • Communicate and share information via your social networks

These recommendations may be pretty straight forward, however, they will set you on the correct path for capitalizing on the changing online environment.