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The Benefits Of Using A Calgary SEO Local Agency

When you work with a local Calgary SEO agency, you are given the best insights into the local market. We have industry experience in this region, and we know how to appeal to the people who live in Calgary, Alberta, and much of central Canada. Your website, social media, and SEO campaigns should focus on the local market first.

Business owners often think that a website or online presence will create a global audience. However, the majority of your sales will come from local customers. We have Calgary SEO pros on staff who can help you reach people who drive by your shop every day without ever stopping by.

We Offer The Best Local SEO Services In Calgary

We offer local SEO services that are designed to reach just the people int the Calgary area. When we create a local campaign, we use local landmarks, roads, highways, and buildings to market your business. We talk about what it means to live in Calgary, what the Calgary customer needs, and why your business offers the best services. Plus, we speak as if we live in the area.

As your SEO campaign grows, we will talk about specific things that happen only in Calgary. We will talk about local sports teams, the rodeo, the weather, and how we relate to other cities in Canada. Local SEO keywords are generated by our expert staff, and we use those keywords to market your company, what you do, and the industry that you work in.

As we compile keywords, you should talk to us about the things that you do best. We can create a campaign for a new product or service. We can create a campaign that targets people looking for services in your industry, or we can target customers who are searching for your business’s name.

We Offer SEO Reports For All Customers

As your SEO campaign continues, our Calgary SEO pros create reports that tell you everything about your SEO campaign. You will learn how many people visited your website, which search engine they used, which keywords they used, and how long they stayed. We provide these reports so that you can see the customers you are attracting.

You will receive these reports at least once a month, and we can refine your SEO campaign to attract the people that shop with your business.

For example, you may target young professionals. This means that they are likely using iPhones and Macs. We can use keywords that target those users. We can target users who live in a certain part of Calgary, and we can target peripheral searches that are closely related to your business.

As we change the parameters of your SEO program, your reports should change. We want our reports to show that you are attracting the types of customers you need. We use reports when writing content for your website, publishing articles on your behalf, or marketing through social media. Plus, we apply these reports to any cross-marketing that has been done.

We Use Cross Marketing Techniques

We use cross-marketing techniques that help spread your name as far as possible. We want to compare things like radio and TV ads to your online searches. If you paid for radio ad time, we want to know if your searches went up as a result of those ads. We want to know if the searches came from new or existing customers. Plus, we can determine which advertising methods are most effective.

You might be wasting money on a TV ad or newspaper ad that does not drive traffic. However, we might find that your searches rise during the afternoon radio show where your ads are played.

Our SEO Audit Process:

When we start working with your company, we will do a complete SEO audit. We need to know if any SEO Calgary techniques were applied in the past, how effective they were, and where you stand now.


We check your rankings for several search terms. We will search for your business name, where you stand in your industry, and where you stand with certain keywords. We need to know if you have any optimized keywords that will make a difference for your company. Plus, we want to know how much progress needs to be made for your company. We can compare old results to new results during your SEO campaigns.


We check all the directories where you should be listed, and we will remove you from any directory that is not effective. We can list your company with several different directories when needed, and we will explain why you must be listed in these locations. You are trying to reach local customers, and we will use as many local directories as possible to market your company.


We will check for reviews of your company. We can promote any positive reviews, or we will work on gaining reviews for your company. You should ask your customers for reviews that we can post online, and we will even work with you to recreate positive comments you have gotten in the past.

Your Google Business Page

We will build your Google My Business page so that it has all the information that you need. We will post your address, phone number, and website. Plus, we will use meta tags to show that your company works in a certain industry. We will post positive reviews through Google, and we will even publish blog posts on your business page so that new customers can read about your company.

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You can contact us today for SEO Calgary services that reach the local area. You must market yourself to local customers first, and you should look at how you are speaking to the local population. Our Calgary SEO agency can create an SEO program for your company that uses the appropriate keywords, helps you drive traffic to your website, and consistently reviews your marketing to get the best results.

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