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Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a way to increase the quality and amount of traffic that visits a webpage or any other web content present on the Internet. This traffic is a result of the search engine’s natural or organic ranking results for specific words, known as keywords.

Search engine optimization is based upon the primary fact proven over time that the higher the website ranks in the search result, the more chances are that the person would click and visit that webpage. Furthermore, research on marketing in the past decade shows that the quality of visitors delivered by the search engines to the websites, conventionally rank as the top and best sources of traffic for websites, in comparison to websites conversion for sales, signups and other such marketing goals that have been set for the websites.

SEO is also used for the search engine optimizers and not just search engine optimization. Search engine optimizers are consultants who manage and facilitate the completion and development of search engine optimization ventures for clients. The individuals who conduct SEO projects could either be hired as employees or as freelance service providers.

These Search Engine Optimizers provide their service strictly for search engine optimization or as a part of the package which may include a bundle of marketing services.

SEO was generally created as a method to provide a website’s search engine ranking results a push. Furthermore, at the core of creating search engine optimization, there are two methods in general, optimization of on-site website optimization and off-site website optimization.

As the term suggests, onsite optimization majorly involves the use of techniques which focus directly on the website, whereas offsite optimization may involve other aspects, which may not directly involve the website.

Search Engine Optimization has a powerful impact on improving a website’s ranking, the reason being that all the search engines work on computer systems called the “Algorithms.” These computer systems or programs are used to manage all the different operations of search engines. Hence, these algorithms are at work at the core of all search engines.

Search engine optimization is used by businesses and individuals so that they could optimize their websites, web pages and other web content for a search engine ranking based on perceived or actual knowledge that pertains to the directions, functions, retrieved web data and all the instructions utilized by the search engine algorithms to govern a website’s search engine ranking for its keywords or key phrases.

Search engine optimization is a challenging task for the search engine optimizers because of the fact that all search engines has an algorithm created specifically for their own search engine. So each algorithm is unique and ranks the websites or web content in a different manner, by using altogether a different criteria, factors and place different levels of importance on these criteria and factors.

Furthermore, search engines are most protective of the algorithms, so the algorithm is protected from all the aspects and the algorithm’s operations are tightly monitored. That is the reason that the algorithms are in a constant phase of changing, so that exact or close to exact factors and criteria used to rank the websites in the search result could never be determined.

The closer an individual is in discovering the search engine algorithm’s way to determine the search engine ranking results, the better he could optimize your website in search results using search engine optimization, based on his findings.