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Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for Business

Calgary Business Telephone Systems

Communication is important for any organization’s success.

Regardless of the size of a company or the field it’s based in, the system a company uses to communicate can save time, money and increase their client experience. Cloud-based telephone systems popularity is seeing large growth throughout Canada. The versatility of the service has helped to improve the cost efficiency of communications in a professional environment.

There are many options when researching phone systems for a professional environment, are you looking for a premise based solution, a hosted solution or a combination of both? Do you want to manage and house the system or do you want the equipment and management to fall on your partner of choice? Will this be a capital or operating expense? Are you a multi-site business? A remote workforce? These are all important considerations when investing in such a critical piece of your business.

A good cloud based solution should:

Be Versatile. Users can connect to the cloud using multiple devices. Connectivity is also simple for multi-site operations , making it easy for decentralized businesses or organizations to keep a reliable, easy-to-use system of communication in place.

Allow for easy scalability. You are a growing business, you need to ramp up new employees quickly or add the features you need, when you need them. With a hosted solution, one phone call should provide you with the support you require to make this happen. No long wait for phone lines, equipment and cumbersome processing.

Provide Communication On the Go. Whether on-the-go means remotely from your home office, hotel or favorite coffee shop your VOIP solution should be able to move with you. Having a mobile application on your phone to replace your desk phone should be an expectation in today’s corporate environment.

Be rich in features. A good quality hosted solution should provide all the features a business needs without nickel-and-diming.

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