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Analytics & Tracking

Modern web analytics programs provide thousands of numbers, but which ones are important? And, what do they mean?

At WYK Web Solutions, we will help you select one of several analytics programs (usually we recommend Google Analytics – for which there are both small business and enterprise versions.).  From there, we will teach you to use these tools, and identify your most crucial key performance indicator.  If you desire, we can develop a custom executive summary report that gets all of the key statistics into one simple report.

Beyond the report, we also provide regular follow-up meetings to discuss your progress. This is often used to identify competitor developments, hot topics that could be used to generate valuable content, and recent online comments concerning your company or marketplace.  We will also discuss the latest social media buzz within your sites, and your competitors’ sites.

All of the above information is used to continually refine your strategy, and continually build your online content in the right manner to attract the right markets.