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Email Marketing

At WYK Web Solutions, we design customized, attractive newsletters within a popular program called Campaign Monitor.  This allows you have an updatable e-newsletter structure that you can link to your database.  New names generated from online activities are categorized, and added to your database instantly.    From there, we can create a “drip” campaign, or series of newsletter messages, timed in a specific sequence to be released on a pre-determined schedule to your subscribers.

Using this ground-breaking e-newsletter program also allows you to see who opened the newsletter, at what time of day, and what actions were taken by the readers (i.e. taking your free download?  Visiting the web page you linked?)

Campaign Monitor is easy to use, but WYK Web Solutions provides training so that you are able to use the program to its fullest benefit.  We also compile this training in a simple how-to manual that you can keep for your ongoing reference.

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