Calgary Web Development

What Web Development Means?

Web Development means creation of web based software, also web development include customizing open source frameworks such as Joomla!, WordPress and others.

What We Do?

We specialize in the development of custom web based software to serve the needs of small, medium and large business. Beside the web based inventory software we’ve developed, we have also developed a certain number of other web based software such as our Restaurant POS, Membership Program, Contact Manager, Help Desk and much more…

Also WYK Web Solutions customize open source frameworks such as Joomla! and WordPress. Our custom development include (without being limited to) theme development and integration for the above mentioned frameworks, custom WordPress plug-ins development as well as custom Joomla! extensions development.

The web based software we are going to deliver will be user friendly, efficient, first-class tool for your business.

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Vincent is our lead Calgary web developer racking up over ten years of development experience at WYK Web SEO Solutions Calgary. With over 15 years experience in Online Marketing, SEO and Content Management Systems development (Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal), a proponent of WordPress, Joomla! and Open Source technologies, Vincent spends most working hours pushing Joomla!, WordPress & Drupal to their limits. A highly technical developer, Vincent also has a passion for IT providing a diverse skill set in database management (PHP, and MYSQL), Web hosting, and IT support. In his spare time Vincent enjoys visiting Alberta’s stunning Rocky Mountains and testing the latest high-tech gadgets.

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