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What is WordPress?

wordpress-calgaryWordPress is a leading open source Content Management System (CMS) accounting for 14.5% of the world’s top 1 million websites. Lightweight and powerful, WordPress has many prebuilt plugins, and an active community of developers world wide who support its continued growth.

Originally designed as a blogging framework the WordPress community quickly expanded its technical capabilities and it is now promoted internationally as a full web solution. This includes community, e-commerce, portfolio, and blog-based websites.

Additionally, WordPress boasts several SEO benefits including quick loading times, advanced SEO plugins and social sharing features.

Template WordPress Websites

Even for small businesses having a website is becoming increasingly important. Your customers are online, they are searching for your products and services and you cannot afford to be missing the boat. Template websites are a great introductory option for businesses with a small budget as they are predesigned and programmed. Since much of the ground work has already been laid, templates are typically 50% – 75% less than a custom designed website and can be completed (start-to-finish) in as little as one week.

Don’t let the word “template” get you down. Many of our clients have turned inexpensive template websites into money making machines. Now that I think of it here are a few that are doing extremely well.

WordPress Blog Design

On the web content is king. Bloggers are becoming the world’s journalists, thought leaders and torch carriers. Take for example SEOMoz, Southwest Airlines and 37 Signals whose blogs have amassed thousands of RSS subscribers, hundreds of millions of views, and an immeasurable amount of brand awareness and mind share within their respective markets.

No problemo. WordPress blogs can find a home on almost any platform.

Custom WordPress Websites

Building a custom website is a bit like building a house. The process always starts with the blueprint (sitemap) to establish what rooms will go where? Once you have an approved blueprint you send it to an architect to design the exterior features that will make the home unique (website design). After the design is approved it is then turned over to the construction crew to build the framework that will support the structure (website development). After the house is built and the plumbing is installed the builder tests the outlets and water lines (development testing).

Additional Benefits To Working With Inbound Interactive

In the last 5 years our team has built hundreds of WordPress websites and blogs for businesses across North America. In addition to our development skills we also provide industry leading training and documentation; we employ SEO best practices for every website we build; and we install the essential analytics tools.

Courtesy of Inbound Interactive