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Jawdrop Marketing

Jaw Drop Marketing (Marketing Company Calgary) is passionate about working to “connect people with your business”. We use big brand marketing strategies on a small business scale. It’s ambitious and it works.

We specialize in marketing for small businesses and dental practices. In a world where things seem to be changing at a faster and faster pace, we recognize that is difficult to keep up with the changing technologies and ways people do business. Our job is to be on top of that for you. In order to be most effective at your business you need to have the freedom to focus on what you do. Spending energy learning how to reach your audience and how to best market yourself to them disrupts your ability to focus on excelling in your business. That’s where we come in.

We are a full-service, small business marketing and communications. Forward thinking and innovative, this Marketing Agency Calgary does it all.

Some services include:

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing has vastly changed since the days of Mad Men. Once regarded as a primarily creative discipline that was about grabbing attention, it now needs to create results. And it has become complicated in achieving that. Along with creating results, we are constantly aware of the need to be accurate, to be found, and be equipped for reputation management. People have to like what they see, connect with your message, and say positive things about you.


We look at what sets you apart, we identify where there is room for improvement, as well as examine new opportunities, along with competitors at risk of threatening your business. We complete a Competitive Analysis, to understand how your competitors are performing. And then we provide you with a Recommendations Report. You will have all the information you need to make the best decisions moving forward.


Developing a marketing message is complex and critical. It needs to answer the question: Why would people choose you?

Branding goes beyond the simple act of creating a logo and a company name. It really filters down to your entire mission as a business. It helps define your key messages, the tone in which you connect to people. It is the personality of your business.


There are a myriad of options out there when it comes to website hosting. What we offer is much more than just hosting. We’ve got you covered.

Website Production

We will take you from zero to hero with our website development. A basic package includes template setup, responsive design, graphic design, web copywriting, images & illustrations, functionality testing.


If you can’t be found, then your message will be lost. With a team of experts working on this critical piece you can be sure that you will be visible and well ranking with multiple Search Engines.

Marketing Analytics

Track how you’re performing – we show you how you’re doing with an all in one dashboard right at your fingertips.

Social Media

We identify which social media channels work best for your business, what your message should be, and then we craft and help you execute your social media campaigns. Get your message heard.

Reputation & Local Directories Management

You only have one reputation. Let’s work together to protect it and grow it.

Graphic Design

For Print, Website, Social Media, Billboard, Video.