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Calgary Website Design

As online marketing strategists, our primary goal is not to gut and replace your existing website with one that looks prettier.  We look at website development through the lens of “what will it take to improve its performance?”  Some of the prime qualities we must ensure are in place, however, include the following, which can often be added to an existing site:

  • Calls to Action:  Is there a clear request for your customer to purchase or contact your business?  Or, are there too many such requests all competing for attention?
  • Accessibility: Is the content on your website accessible to search engines? Or are their technical factors that are limiting your website from being indexed in its entirety?
  • Onsite Optimization: Does your website target the appropriate keywords and is the content and code structured in a way that will allow your website to appear organically in the search results?
  • Navigation:  Can customers easily access important decision making information?  Is the structure of the information logical?
  • Contact Information:  Are phone numbers present, and are there contact forms linked into thank-you pages?  Is a newsletter sign-up easy to notice and simple to use?
  • Content:  Is the content cleanly written, and does it include relevant keywords?  Is there enough content in each niche you are targeting?
  • Graphics:  Are the graphics attractive enough to establish credibility?  Are there photos of products where necessary?
  • Usability:  Does your site’s platform allow you to easily update the content without needing HTML programming knowledge?  In not, WYK Web Solutions will likely suggest converting the site to an open-source Content Management System (CMS) to empower your team to make the kinds of frequent updates that are crucial in building content and online authority.  In addition, many of the open-source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla are more search-engine friendly and can enhance rankings.