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Corporate Training

At WYK Web Solutions, we know that it is crucial to have at least some in-house capabilities to self-manage online marketing.    How do we help you manage this process?  The following is an overview:

Recruiting a new team:  Although we are not a recruiting service, we can work with your recruiters to define the technical and soft skills your online marketing team must possess.  We can also participate in final interviews to test those skills and determine their knowledge gaps for necessary training.

Role assignment and internal team recruitment:  Assuming your online marketing plan is in place, we help to determine who within your team must contribute to its perpetuation.  Sometimes staff (especially technical or executive staff) are wary of social online interaction, but we can show them how to provide structured content using simple templates, suggesting topics of interest, and telling them the popular search phrases.

Training:  At WYK Web Solutions, we provide personalized training to show your team how to manage all aspects of updating web content, and managing social media accounts.  We can also take this a step further and demonstrate how to take content they write and syndicate it throughout the web.  These skills will help your company gain great headway in building its online authority with an in-house team, rather than relying on an outside vendor.

Manuals:  Since the advent of open-source website programming, we have produced clear, well-organized, physical manuals to support clients as they update their websites.  These handy little manuals, complete with diagrams, show your staff how to handle simple functions such as “how to post to the blog,” “how to add a photo” and “how to add a new page to the website.”  Further, they include all of your core social media functions, and how to interpret reports within your statistical analytics program.