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Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media, too many companies use “we have a sale on x” as their primary messaging pattern. How can you take full advantage of the potential of social media?  There are many ways.

At WYK Web Solutions, we begin by helping you brand and configure your various social media accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube and LinkedIn.   This helps your social sites to have a matching look and feel to your core website.

Inhouse Social Media Management

If you can make the commitment (which we strongly encourage), we’ll train you in how to interact effectively online.  We will also show you how to easily update your social networking sites with a consolidation tool that allows you to post content to multiple accounts at once, and with a scheduled regularity that demonstrates your consistent commitment to your social followers. This will save you countless hours in coordinating the site content with last-minute scrambling.

We’ll also show you how to run effective promotions and events through social media to generate chatter and viral traffic to your main website.

Outsourced Social Media Management

If you are very short on time and need your social media accounts professionally maintained, WYK Web Solutions can manage this for you.    We interact personally with your followers, asking questions, watching for suggestions, and running promotions as per your online marketing strategy.