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Strategy Development

At WYK Web Solutions, we use the research gathered to facilitate the development of a clear online strategy.  This involves collaborating with you to determine the following.

  • Desired Competitive Positioning:  We present a clear picture of the online positioning strengths of your competitors so that it is clear where markets are saturated or awaiting further development.  This helps you to select your leadership areas for various services, markets, and areas of expertise.
  • Targets:  Once the above is determined, we help you select the target market segments inside specific demographic/geographic/industrial-based markets. These will closely align with the your overall business strategy.
  • Messaging:  We will work with you to develop a messaging hierarchy that aligns corporate messaging with specific target markets, ensuring the correct search words and phrases are aligned with the correct target markets.
  • Online Marketing Mix:  Finally, we’ll work with you to analyze and select the most critical activities to raise your online stature.  We will consider, strategize and choose from possibilities such as:
    • Improvements to your existing website(s)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Content Development
    • Content Syndication (distribution to online media outlets)
    • Paid online advertising
    • Blogging
    • Integration of online marketing with your traditional advertising/sales activities.

We’ll also set about deciding which of these you can handle in-house, and which of these require our (or your web development vendor’s) assistance.

As a concrete record of the above decisions, we document a detailed plan, budget and role assignments for ongoing use.