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Scam Detector™ exposes over 550 of the world’s most notorious scams. Learn how they work and protect yourself.

The Scam Detector app was created after the outstanding success of The 419: The Nigerian Scam, a short film which quickly became a viral hit, being viewed over a million times online. It is reported that the docu-drama was the first movie ever made on the infamous 419 topic.

The production was picked up by the West Hollywood International Film Festival in 2008, where it had its worldwide premiere. Soon after, the movie was the winner of the Rappahannock Independent Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The news traveled so fast across the Internet – not only because of the sensitive topic – but also because the the movie was made with only $180, by a student!

Ever since, hundreds of fans have inquired not only about the production of the full length feature of the film, but also about the possibility of creating a smartphone application which would reveal the most popular scams in the world. Therefore, here we are – one down! Thank you for checking it out.